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The WealthBuilder Society - Resources for building wealth and discovering financial freedom!

Welcome to the WealthBuilder Society E-mail

Wealth Builder

You have probably thought to yourself that there must be some way to become financially independent rather than working your job until age 72, hoping you will have enough saved away to retire on.  Have you thought about having more free time to spend with your family, your hobbies and your friends?  Perhaps you would like to be your own boss and want your efforts to more directly benefit you and your family.   Maybe you just want to be able to stop worrying about money, to stop living paycheck to paycheck and to make your money work for you...

Where Do I Find a Mentor? PDF Print E-mail

I have read countless books and have been to numerous seminars where they tell everyone how important it is to find a mentor.  A mentor is someone who's been where you want to go and as such can offer invaluable advice  regarding how to get there.  At seminars, the people touting the value of mentors are usually trying to get you to allow them to be yours, for a price.  Most of the time these are at investment and wealth seminars, so be wary.  While I think it's not totally unreasonable for someone to charge for their time and valuable advice, I wouldn't go paying a so called mentor anything if I have never heard of them and their assets are unverified.

So are mentor's really all that?  Do I need one?

OPM: Other People's Money PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chairman   

If you've ever taken on a mortgage for a house, had a student or car loan or bought anything on a credit card, you've utilized OPM, which stands for other people's money.  As you can see by our examples, the concept of using other people's money is not new to us.  We do it all the time.  So what is it I can possibly learn from this article?  Well, yes we do it all the time.  We are experts at spending other people's money.  The problem is, they want it back, with lots of interest. 

Introduction to Residual Monthly Income PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chairman   

If you were to get fired from your job today, how much income would you continue to collect each month?  If, like most people, your only source of income is your J-O-B, then the answer is: not much.  So if you want to know the answer to the question of how do rich people get rich and stay rich?  Well the answer is Residual Monthly Income.

Tips to Manage Your Credit Card Debt PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chairman   

The average American household with at least one credit card has $8000-$10000 in credit card debt.  If you are not paying off your balance every month, you are throwing away money.  Credit cards are convenient and make buying easy but the flipside is that they also make racking up debt easy.  If you find your debt growing faster than you like, take these steps to gain back control.

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