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What is The WealthBuilder Society?

Wealth is an abundance of material possessions or resources that possess a monetary or exchangeable value.  A builder is one who builds.  A society, simply put, is an association of individuals sharing common beliefs or for common ends.  So we are an association of individuals whose common goal is to build wealth. 

The purpose of this site and of the society is to provide a resource for anyone looking to become rich and to build lasting wealth.   Our goal is to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and individuals interested in improving themselves, their lives and their finances.

We believe valuable lessons that we learn individually on the road to wealth building can be shared with the society at large while answers you seek may be readily available from others who've been where you are now or where you want to be.

Our content

Our content comes from a variety of sources such as professional legal, tax and financial sources, our own experiences, those of our case studies and interviewees, as well as other entrepreneurs and the members of our community.  That being said, we are NOT legal, tax or financial professionals and do not guarantee any specific result or accept any liability from the use of our content.  Your particular results will vary and will ultimately be decided by your individual situation, resources, dedication, management skills, focus and passion.

YOU SHOULD SEEK QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL TAX, LEGAL AND FINANCIAL GUIDANCE BEFORE TAKING ANY ACTION REGARDING YOUR FINANCES.  Information changes constantly and while we strive to keep our content fresh, it is up to you to ensure it is accurate and applicable to your particular situation.